I enjoy building tools for automation and saving time

Actively working on

FoodrA python webapp for finding the optimal place to get lunch near you based on the bus schedule, nutritional value and where is open. Written in Python using Tropofy and the Google Maps API.
BrrrDart android/iOS app for logging which beers I have brewed. The name is a play on pronouncing "beer" funny. Still currently a work in progress.

Open Source

ChromeQRDead simple QR code extension for chrome. You simply click the icon and it instantly pops up a QR code. One afternoon i'll port this to Firefox.
ReactASMNothing to do with React.js, but it's a neat little uzebox game I wrote.
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Old / dead

TokiphonaWrote this for a joke in 2017. It's a simple phone number input form that requires you to say your phone number in toki pona, a language with no words for numbers.